Greenwood Forest Park Present New Ride

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Greenwood Forest park Present New Ride

SolarSplash is the world’s first fully solar powered water slide, and is due to open on the 22nd of March.

Built in Germany, SolarSplash took 5 weeks to assemble. The ride will see visitors slide down 91 metre tubes in inflatable boats.

During the presentation, Stephen Bristow, owner of Greenwood Forest Park, spoke passionately about the need for tourism businesses to invest in their product. Mr Bristow admitted that there were risks involved in the project, but ultimately the need for continued investment is crucial.  

He said: “Investment can be anything from changing a café layout or introducing a new ride – it’s vital for a business to develop.” 

The adventure park, which was voted fourth best amusement park in the UK by TripAdvisor welcomed 145,000 visitors last years, and forecasts 180,000 visitors for the 2016 season. 

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